05 May 2013

SOC Sunday.. Dealing


Well, I don't deal well with change or much else. That is why I had to seek help. I have been a creature of habit for all of my life. I have always felt like if things are going along the same each day then life must be ok. I've learned that is not the case. I mean I thought Cheryl and I were ok, when in reality she was not happy.

She stayed silent and said nothing to me about being unhappy. So I blindly thought things were ok. Then I finally found out differently. I wish she had told me sooner. I'd rather someone be honest with me then to just let me think everything is fine.

I know the truth hurts sometimes but its better then not knowing.

I feel betrayed

and I don't deal well with that feeling either.


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  1. Replies
    1. It's ok. I'm coming to terms with things. I just have a lot of "Bull Shit", as Mike (My therapist) and I call it, to work through. I have hope that things will get better.

  2. Life has a way of blindsiding us, doesn't it? I'm glad you've got someone to help you work through it.