09 September 2012

SOC Sunday... I am.....

My friend Jana over at Jana's Thinking Place does a Stream of Consciousness Sunday.

 So today I decided to play. Its 5 Minutes of writing, and since I keep forgetting about my own blog or what to write.

So here it is.


I am....

I am a friend, a sister, a hard worker, a wanna be rock star, a lover, a prankster, and someone who needs to laugh, a TKD student, sometimes shy, sometime too loud, a firefighter, a helper of people.

I am like my great-grandmother and not. I am a photographer, a dreamer, and a big kid. I am sometimes insecure, sometime bold, and sometimes full of anger. I am a traveler, a sightseer and a homebody.


So there is my 5 minutes. I found this harder then I first thought, but interesting none the less.