19 April 2011

Risky Activities for kids

When I think of risky activities, I think of Mountain climbing, hang gliding, parachuting out of plane to name a few. I certainly don't think of red rover, kick ball or whiffle ball as risky. That is fucking insane! I guess kids are suppose to stay inside, play video games, watch TV and get fat instead. I'm am so sick of so called lawmakers telling people what they can and can not do. Check this out if you want to know why I'm ticked off.

Risky activities according to NY state lawmakers.

This kind of shit needs to stop. I for one am sick of it. Kids are gonna be kids and that means sometimes they get hurt. I was one of those kids who played games and I didn't die from it. I even, heaven forbid, PLAYED DODGE BALL!!! Oh my god!! It's a wonder I didn't die! Yeah right, stupid people making kids into pussies. I scraped my knees and lived. I played baseball (WITHOUT a helmet) and lived! I played tackle football WITHOUT pads and lived! I even played, red rover, kickball and whiffle ball, all without dying! WTF? How did that happen?

I think kids will live if they play these games. As a matter of fact I bet they won't get FAT if they get outside and play more! Hey how about that, a cure for the childhood obesity problem. Kids getting exercise by playing games with friends OUTSIDE! OMG I'm a genus!

Seriously though, kids need games like this to have fun, not sitting and watching TV. They need to be outside playing not sitting on their butts playing video games. They need to ride bikes, and run and just be kids. The sure as shit don't need to be inside all the time. Its no wonder people are becoming big pussies.

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