16 April 2011

A beginning...

Well, here it is...a start...my start I guess. I keep thinking I really want to blog. So I have decided to try it. What is it going to hurt? Nothing I think. Possibly an outlet for me, we'll see if I can really do this. I'm sure, if I stick with this, will be full of rambling posts. I tend to ramble and sometimes get off track. See? I'm already doing it. This might be harder then I thought.

So I was trying to think of something to write about. It is the one thing I have the most problem with. I will sit down to write something and my mind goes blank for a topic. So I decided to type in google one day, blog idea generator. Well sure enough there are some. How about that.. so I pick one and one of the first ideas that come up is "Write about your memories when you were a certain age." Thats not a bad one actually. So I will tell you of one of my first memories.

The very first memory I have is of being loved. I can see the picture in my mind even today just as clear as it was then. I was an infant (Yes I really can remember this) My great grandmother was rocking me in a red rocking chair. This chair was in our house all though my childhood. Anyway, she was rocking me and I don't remember a bottle so my guess was I had a passy instead. It was late, late enough that the TV was showing nothing but snow. (Back in the day of 3 TV channels and they signed off at midnight or 1am) The TV was the only light on and the rocking chair would "walk" back through the living room. We had a gray short napped carpet and the TV was a black and white, and stood on 4 short legs. I just remember being there in her arms and feeling loved, content and happy.

I know this to be a real memory because years later when I was still a child I told her I remember her rocking me when I was a baby. She laughed at first as if she didn't believe me but then I began to describe to her the room and other details. She sat there with her mouth open surprised but she said it had to be true. She did that more then a few times with me as an infant and the room was changed a bit not long after including their first color TV! This is the only real memory I have at that age.

Of course she is gone now, I don't live there anymore but I still remember. She raised me, her and my great grandfather. I was lucky to have them with me into my thirties. I'm in my mid forties now and I miss them everyday. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't think of them.

Not a bad start if I say so myself.

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